The Transition To Fall

Dr. Hilary Trojano, ND


Although summer isn’t quite over, fall weather is making its way into the Northeast!  Fall is a particularly significant season when it comes to health and healing; a worthy topic for a brief discussion.  Summer is an energetic, fun, and busy season for most of us.  Many people, particularly in the Northeast, notice that they feel better in the summer.  Who wouldn’t when it’s beautiful and sunny almost every day, and light until almost 10 pm!

When fall arrives, it’s often the tendency to turn more inward and pay closer attention to aspects of our lives that have been set aside over the summer months.  At Summit Holistic Medicine, we frequently see patients come in this time of year with the desire to transition to fall with a detoxification program, to address certain health issues they’ve put on the back burner for the summer, or to return to regular self-care habits and routine.

Fall is a wonderful time to reflect on and prioritize your health.  It’s a great time to set goals and create space for self-care.  Here are some ideas to consider to spark that motivation:

– Consider a 1-month dietary challenge to help promote healthy eating habits.  We often recommend “Transform 30”, which is a program that can be found online.

– Explore and identify the possibility that food sensitivities may be impacting your health.  We recommend either food sensitivity testing through our clinic or the “28 Day Elimination and Detoxification Diet.”

– Re-visit your basic treatment and dietary guidelines.  Re-incorporate any aspects that may have been lost along the way.

– Incorporate a new exercise routine if you don’t already have one.  Fall is a great time to join a gym, yoga studio, or establish a regular outdoor exercise schedule either by yourself or with a friend (such as walking, running, biking, hiking, etc).

– Treat yourself to some bodywork such as massage, acupuncture, rolfing, or CranioSacral therapy.

– If it’s been a while since you’ve been in for a visit and you’re not feeling your greatest, come on in.  We can be sure to address your concerns and help you get back on track.