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Your first office visit will be 60 – 90 minutes and will include a detailed history of your current medical concerns as well as a comprehensive medical history.  Special attention will be paid to your diet and dietary habits, sleep, energy, physical activity levels, and mental and emotional health.  Plan to bring your current medications and supplements with you so we can review them, as well as copies (if you have them) of any recent labwork you have had done.  Together, we will start to develop and implement a treatment plan.

Follow up visits are typically 30 – 45 minutes (sometimes longer, if necessary) and your first follow up appointment will usually be scheduled 2-4 weeks after your initial appointment so we can see how your treatment is progressing and make changes to your protocols as necessary.  Depending on your health and what your goals are, further visits will be scheduled as necessary.

Our relationship as doctor and patient is a partnership and we will work together to achieve your health goals.  Dr. Hilary Trojano is always available by email and can be reached by phone as well.  She is happy to answer questions and clarify instructions through these avenues when possible and will schedule follow up appointments to discuss more detailed issues.



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