First Line Therapy

First Line Therapy – Health and Weight Loss Group


photo-1429277096327-11ee3b761c93Summit Holistic Medicine runs an 8 week Health and Weight Loss Group twice per year.  This is  a weekly Health & Weight Loss Group open to anyone in the community interested in learning more about key factors influencing optimal health and weight loss.  The group will meet weekly for nutritional counseling, weight check-ins and body composition assessments (percent fat and muscle mass readings).  Each meeting will include weekly lectures including the topics of exercise, low carbohydrate cooking, yoga, stress management, sleep, juicing, and naturopathic tools for optimal body composition.  If you have a weight or health goal you are working towards and you need a little more motivation and education, consider this group to get you jump started for success!

8 Week Group Fee: $400

Group Fee includes Program Book, Recipe Book, 3 Body Composition Assessments, and first canister of medical food that is used for shakes. Additional canisters will be needed for the 8 week program at a rate of 1 every 1-2 weeks depending on the program option you choose at the first meeting.  The cost the medical food is $54.95.First Body Composition Assessment will need to be prepped for prior to first meeting.  An information packet will be sent out to you upon registering for the group. For people interested in having blood markers run for cardiovascular and metabolic risk, brief appointments can be arranged with our doctors at the beginning and end of this program to track progress and identify areas that need attention so the weight loss plan can be tailored to the lab findings. Dr. Hilary Trojano. Summit Holistic Medicine. Exeter, NH. Health & Wellness, Naturopathic Medicine, Living Naturally. Holistic Medicine. Education. Patients. Living A Full & Healthy Life. Pediatrics. Sports Medicine. Women’s Health. Weight Loss. Nutrition.