Sports Medicine

Naturally improve your performance and results by working with a physician who takes a functional approach to sports medicine. As a medical practitioner, Dr. Hilary Trojano, specialized in holistic sports medicine and helping athletes create optimal sports performance.


Athletic Optimization

Athletes have unique requirements. They expect a lot from their bodies and place increased demands on their endocrine and gastrointestinal systems, among others. Additionally, with greater energy needs, athletes demand exceptional efficiency from the metabolic pathways of their bodies.

Dr. Hilary Trojano strives to incorporate the latest research for training, supplementation and neuro-endocrinology to better help athletes optimize their performance and take their game to the highest level.   Whether you are a professional athlete or a weekend warrior you can benefit from what we do in our athletic optimization program.  We offer diet plans, IV nutrient repletion, as well as specialized testing to determine your weaknesses so they may be supported naturally. We decrease your risk of injury and help you heal if you already have injuries interfering with your performance.


Finding the keys to elite performance

Functional Sports Medicine is a unique approach to assessing exactly how an athlete’s body is working and to making appropriate adjustments to the integrated systems responsible for higher performance.

We see many athletes who have particular hormone level abnormalities, including thyroid, adrenal, and testosterone hormone imbalances. Often enough, they are also missing key nutrients for optimal energy production. Such deficiencies limit the body’s ability to metabolize, perform, and recover.


Functional testing and individualized treatment

Dr. Trojano uses sophisticated functional testing and individualized treatment programs to tune your body for peak performance and health. Proper hormonal levels are restored naturally and safely to ideal ranges. Nutritional requirements, digestive function and gastrointestinal health, and food allergies are analyzed, so we can help you understand the best way for you to fuel your body, correct dietary deficiencies or disorders, and optimize your energy production.


Injury Recovery Program

Combining natural and conventional approaches to sports medicine, naturopathic treatment of sports injury utilizes treatments that directly assist the body in repairing damaged tissue and allow for proper recovery.  This type of care is supportive and is designed to control inflammation and stimulate the body’s inherent healing capabilities, rather than drugging the symptoms of the problem.


Benefits Of An Athlete Working With Dr Trojano

  • Personalized nutritional and supplemental plan – what to eat before, during and after activity
  • Focus on prevention – restore deficiencies, balance hormones, prevent injury
  • Maximize metabolic and cellular function = more energy, less fatigue, better performance
  • Natural therapeutic modalities for treating acute or chronic injuries IV therapy to promote recovery and optimize function

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